The results are in: Just as Justice League tops $650 million worldwide, its complete box office run is projected to land around $675 million – a final figure far lower than expected. If the League’s collection falls shy of 2013’s Man of Steel ($668 million), it will become the lowest-grossing DC adaptation since 2006’s Superman Returns ($390 million).

The story so far…

Warner Bros. launched their unofficially titled DC Extended Universe with Zack Snyder’s Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016) – a follow-up to his 2013 film, Man of Steel – and the studio continued expanding their newly-formed shared universe with the director’s latest release Justice league.

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So what led to Justice League’s beleaguered run at the box office?

Stunted by unsolicited production issues and extensive studio interference, unfortunately, the end result wasn’t what critics or audiences bargained for.

Rotten Tomatoes

To add to it, Rotten Tomatoes’ much-anticipated Justice League critics’ score was withheld until opening day – even as the movie-review aggregator hinted towards releasing their newly launched program in a bid to better originality and viewership.

This uncharacteristic move sparked speculation that Warner Bros. – the studio behind Justice League – which also holds a minority stake in Fandango, which in turn owns Rotten Tomatoes – was trying to stave off a potential bad score for as long as possible. The move incensed critics and audiences alike.

On the other hand, DC fans suspected foul play of the opposite kind – seeing it as a way to highlight the studio’s ongoing creative struggles.

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Call it poor timing… Best time to prove a point… Or sheer coincidence. The debate can linger on, but the results can’t be undone.

While many factors may have contributed to Justice League’s beleaguered run at the box office, Rotten Tomatoes effect can’t be understated. The platform has become a go-to source for moviegoers, who promptly run a quick quality check before buying tickets.

Warner Bros.

Justice League’s box office debacle comes on the heels of DCEU and Patty Jenkins’ Wonder Woman smashing box office records and garnering rave reviews all round; even with Rotten Tomatoes hailing it as the highest-rated superhero movie of all-time.

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With Justice League being an unmitigated setback for the studio, they will now look to shake things up before their next release.

– Varun Kumar | Enterapped