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Dunkirk reaffirms the sheer genius of Christopher Nolan.

Let’s Talk Movie!

After giving us ridiculously good movies like Memento, Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, Prestige and Inception; Christopher Nolan reaffirms his genius directorial status with the World War II epic – Dunkirk.

Around 400,000 soldiers are stuck at the seaside French town of Dunkirk. And with only survival at stake, the troops wait for ‘deliverance’. They wait ‘for a miracle’. Told through three parallel plots set on land, air and sea (destined to collide); Dunkirk is visual storytelling at its enamoured best. The film follows the turbulence of finding an escape in the cracks of war. And it does so with courage and conviction. As you watch the consequences of war crumble without warning, you are uncontrollably drawn into a helpless and futile state along with the on goings. Such is the power of Nolan. And he does it with minimum dialogue and no CGI, opting for practical effects instead. This makes the entire experience feel real and potent (engineered to be watched in IMAX). Christopher Nolan is known for creating cinema by tackling complex concepts and instilling them with multiple layers, which peel with every viewing. Dunkirk is no different. Accentuating his story is Hans Zimmer’s music led by the most anxious of instruments – the violin; which plays effectively through its taut runtime.

Nolan does not politicise or glorify the notion of war. Instead, he shows it as it is – a gruelling game with no winners at the end. In this sad saga called ‘war’, heroes come in small forms and sizes. And it is they who led the story to be known as the ‘Miracle of Dunkirk’. Dunkirk is about finding the meaning of life in the meaninglessness of war. All hail Christopher Nolan.

– Varun Kumar | Enterapped

Fun Fact

Made on estimated budget of $100 million, Dunkirk is reported to have grossed $105.9 million on its opening weekend worldwide.

Director – Christopher Nolan
Cast – Tom Hardy, Fionn Whitehead, Mark Rylance, Harry Styles, Cillian Murphy, Kenneth Branagh