Easily one of the most talked about Bond films ever, Skyfall (2012) has set the precedent for the Bond franchise in recent times. Its predecessor Casino Royale (2006) arguably managed to go one better. But for now, let’s discuss what set the brand new tone for Skyfall.

Skyfall took the world by storm upon release. It received abundant praise from critics and moviegoers alike. Well, much of the credit goes to director Sam Mendes. He boldly and bravely steered Bond in a new direction – giving it a deeper darker tone – and pulled it off with utmost poise. This led to an instant comparison between Sam Mendes’s Skyfall and Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight (2008). As it turns out, the comparison was quite justified. In his interviews, Mendes talked about the influence that Nolan’s movies – especially The Dark Knight – had on his style and sensibility of filmmaking when it came to directing Skyfall. Nolan, in his own right, proved that one could make a highly entertaining edge-of-the-seat movie and relate it to the real world, even if it isn’t staged in that world.

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Mendes insists that while The Dark Knight film helped him define the darker moments in Skyfall, there are few parallels between the two storylines and that he would have made his film the same way, regardless of whether he had watched The Dark Knight or not. However, he maintains that the phenomenal success of the said Batman movie made it easier to take the ‘dark’ direction as audiences were more accepting of it now. Interestingly, Christopher Nolan had once suggested that he would love to direct a Bond film in the future. But given Mendes’s already taken route, we wonder how Nolan’s Bond would pan out – if it ever does.

– Varun Kumar | Enterapped