The year 2017 hasn’t been as kind to Bollywood thus far. But here’s a film that stands to change that. Let’s travel back to Berlinale 2017. A small indie film named Newton marked its initial release at the 67th Berlin International Film Festival earlier this year. Adjudged an exceptional film, it received a standing ovation at the premiere and won the International Federation of Art Cinemas award in the Forum section.

Newton is an important film in this day and age. And it is cleverly told with lots of humour and infused irony – which should help evoke mass understanding of the subject matter. The story of an eponymous clerk doing his election duty with utmost sincerity in the conflict-torn state of Chhatisgarh, Newton recognizes the strength of the Constitution and reiterates everyman’s right in it. The narrative displays the potent power held within a democracy when people exercise their voting rights. Unfortunately, we suffer from the truth, as reports suggest low voter turnouts in major constituencies in India. But if it were up to Newton, everything would be a lot different. Credit to National award-winning actor Rajkummar Rao for taking on this role with utmost sincerity and depth. This is a film made better by the actors – led by Pankaj Tripathi, Anjali Patil and Raghubir Yadav.

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Directed by Amit Masurkar, who previously helmed the acclaimed indie project Sulemani Keeda in 2014, Newton is a story waiting to be told and heard. And despite its regional nuances, the film has widely connected with international audiences. Such is the power of cinema and such is the power of democracy.

– Varun Kumar | Enterapped